5 ways Tysons Playground is different than other gyms and training facilities in the area

We are all about resultsThat is what you pay us for.  With most gyms you are simply paying to rent their equipment for the time you are there.  We are the opposite of this, the anti gym. As a matter of fact we are not a gym at all, we are a training facility.  All of our memberships involve coaching.  We don’t let you train without a program.  Your membership includes us you providing you with the proper training and program design to be successful in achieving your goals. We use specific workouts and nutrition guidelines to reach specific goals. Every member will get the time and attention they need to keep them on track, keep them accountable, and to ensure they meet their goals.

Experience. Our staff of experienced trainers all have 4 year degrees and/or advanced certifications in health related fields.   Our staff includes, former NFL and MLB and NCAA athletes, fitness competitors, powerlifters and endurance athletes.  Our training staff are all required to have at least 25 hours of continuing education per year in their respective fields so that they stay ahead of industry trends.

Philosophy Our Training philosophy has and will always start with quality of movement.  Our primary goal is always to have our young athletes and adult clients moving better.  We will never put fitness on top of  dysfunction “just because.”  We care enough about our clients to put them in a safe and injury free environment first and then attack their personal goals!

Attention to detail.  We pay strict attention to detail on form and how we program every single one of our workouts.

Our environment is better.  At Tysons Playground, everyone knows your name.  If you’ve been a client for awhile, we know your kids and your spouse’s name too!  We have worked extremely hard to create a family environment and atmosphere.  We care about your results and we care about your success in and out of our facility!