First question people ask when they see me is “Hey man how much do you bench?”
It’s a question as old as the barbell itself and one that many people take pride in answering.
If your bench press is lagging behind or maybe you’re looking for ways to improve it, one big thing to consider is your bar path.
You’ve probably been told that bench press should be straight up and down, but if you take a look at elite benchers, their bar path is noticeably different.

Image Credit: Greg Nuckols and Stronger By Science

Comparing my bar path to the novice intermediate and elite level bench press, you’ll notice that it mimics both the intermediate and elite.  If your bench press has been stuck for a while or if you’re looking for an edge to add a few kilos to your total, record your lifts from the side and take a look at your bar path. You may find that you’re missing out on maximizing the lift.
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