If you only had 5 minutes to workout….what would you do??



If you only had 6 minutes to exercise (and your goal is fat loss), what would you do?


Well…that depends.

1.  What “tools” do you have at your disposal.

Let’s you assume you don’t have access to an airdyne, rower or any machine that requires little to no warm-up.  You’ve only got one smallish size kettlebell to work with.

Enter the Kettlebell Snatch.

Few exercises can take you from zero to 85% of your max heart rate in a few seconds like the kettlebell snatch can. Maybe burpees and sprints, but burpees suck (and are painful for no damn reason) and sprinting requires a nice long warm-up in order not to pull a hammie.

With the Kettlebell snatch, you can do a couple of getups, an armbar or two and you are warmed up and ready to go.

Pressed for Time Kettlebell Snatch Workout

15 seconds on/15 seconds off  for 8 consecutive rounds

Round 1a.  Perform as many snatches with good form as you can in 15 seconds (aim for 5-8 reps)

Round 1b.  Perform fast and loose drills for active recovery for 15 seconds

REPEAT for 8 rounds.

This is a simple tabata. Only 4 minutes long.  But if you challenge yourself, you’ll be sweating, scorching calories and this will leave you feeling like you completed a workout that was 10 times longer than what it was!

The Snatch variation performed in the video above is the Drop Split Snatch.  All of the main elements of the Kettlebell Snatch remain with the exception being that as you snatch the bell above your head to the lockout position, you drop into a split lunge.  This added movement takes the energy expenditure (calorie burn) up exponentially!  10kg-12kg for the ladies and 16kg-20kg for the men is totally sufficient.

This version of the snatch is one of many that we will be covering in our “Summer Snatch” Seminar on June 9th at 9am.  Hope to see you there!






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