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BlackOut is a functional strength training program that uses boxing and rowing as its primary means of destroying body fat.
Boxing offers many benefits for people of all ages and abilities.  Improved cardiovascular conditioning, hand eye coordination, motor control and fat loss are just a few of the benefits. You can also expect to build strong  shoulders and arms and a set of abs to be proud of!

Rowing is one of the best forms of low impact cardio that you can do at any age! It’s not uncommon to see people over the age of 80 using indoor rowing as their preferred means of cardio-vascular exercise. While rowing, you expect to really target the of hamstrings, glutes, back and arms which is a great complement to the muscles you are working when boxing.

This is why we say that boxing and rowing are a perfect pair!

Join us! Get in fighting shape and turn your body into a weapon! This program is designed for anyone who has wanted to train like a fighter without actually getting hit back! We use elements of boxing as our main conditioning tool while using dumbbells, kettlebells and TRX as our tools to help you put on lean muscle, strengthen tendons and ligaments and improve your overall strength. This program is adaptable for all fitness levels. No prior experience or special training is needed and each person can adjust the exercises and intensity level to their personal goals.



BlackOut and BlackOut STRONG. Both classes follow the same format and have the same motto… We Lift. We Box. We Row. The only difference in the two classes is that in BlackOut STRONG, we add the big 3 barbell lifts into the mix.  Both formats  very similar and both have a strength component.
BlackOut is instant gratification. You’ll sweat, burn a ton of calories, have fun and we keep it pretty simple.
BlackOut Strong is a mutual fund. You may not see dividends this very second, but over time, the strength/lean muscle you build, will pay huge dividends.
Do ‘em both!


BlackOut Educate is a workout preview for those who are new to the BlackOut class format. This class is also suited for those who need technique refinement on any of the skills required for the days workout.


A little bit of strength, a little bit conditioning, a whole lotta fun! Safe for all fitness levels

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