Tysons Playground is a private training facility offering personal and group training programs to athletes of all ages.  Our members have enjoyed open gym sessions as part of their membership for years.  We are now offering a LIMITED number of Open Gym membership options just for athletes who would like to use our facilities and equipment to do their own programming and training independent of our private or group coaching sessions.   We have tons of top notch equipment and space to satisfy even the most seasoned lifter. Our facility and gym culture are like nowhere else in the DMV and we encourage interested persons to check it out!

If you’re an experienced CrossFitter, Olympic Lifter, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder or you are just fed up with training in a globo gym, come check us out!  We welcome hardcore training, chalk, dropping weights (with bumper plates of course) and people who just want to crush their goals.   If you would like to sign up for an Open Gym membership, please read the information below and contact [email protected] to join the TP family.

Open Gym Membership Rules:

– Come as often as you want.  Just treat our home as your home.
– As much space as we have, we can get really crowded during peak hours.  Please leave your large gym bags in your car or in the cubbies provided throughout the facility.  We have a limited amount of locker space in the locker rooms
– All members MUST sign in at the Front Desk when entering the gym.
– Please be accommodating to the coaches and groups that are also training.
– Open gym memberships are for the use of the facility and cannot be used for any of our group classes.
– Our barbell club has priority on the 6 platforms in the Adult Performance Room between the hours of 5pm-8pm during the week and 9am-noon on the weekends.  There are 10 other platforms in the athletic weight room that you may use at your discretion.

Equipment We Have 

16 Lifting Platforms
18 Squat Stations
4 dedicated deadlift platforms
3 Sorinex Power Racks
2 Pro lift Power benches
1 Seal Row bench
1 Pit Shark (belt squat)Full Line of Hammer Strength equipment
Full Line of Hammer Strength and Legend Plate loaded equipment
20 Barbells from (15lb, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg) Specialty Bars (8 Trap bars, safety squat bar,football, Curl bars)
6 incline benches
8 flat benches
1 decline bench
Cybex Leg curl and Leg extension
Several TONS of Bumper Plates in both lbs. and kilos
Change plates including fractional
Jerk and Pulling Blocks
2 Glute Ham Raise
2 Reverse Hypers
2 Hip Thruster benches
2 Dip stations
16 TRX Stations
Chains and bands for accommodating resistance
15 Concept 2 Rowing Machines
4 Ski-Ergs
2 Bike-Ergs
6 Fan bikes (Rogue, Assault and Airdyne)
2 Woodway treadmills
4 Matrix Treadmills
1 Stepmill
Over 150 Kettlebells from 10lbs to 200lbs
Dumbbells from 5lbs to 150lbs
Sorinex Centermass bells 10lbs – 75lbpairs
30 Dynamax Medicine balls from 4 to 20lbs
10 Plyometic Boxes
5 Prowlers
8“E” Pulling sleds& 1 sled dog
8 Boxing Heavy Bags
5×20 climbing foot ropes, 4 normal & one knotted
3 Ring stations
3 sets of Stall bars
2 Elieko Competition Racks
2 Eleiko Competition Plate Sets (460kg)
2 Eleiko Competition Bar
2 Texas Power Bars
3 Ohio Power Bars
1 Texas Deadlift Bar
1 Texas Squat Bar
5 tier heavy duty Atlas Stone Platform (56″ – 47″heights)
2 Deadlseds
1 PR Deadlift Platform
Atlas Stones from 75lbs to 535lbs (17 total)
2 Stones of Steel-both sizes
Steel 12″ logWood 12″ log
10″ and 8″ steel log3 sets of loadable farmers handles Men’s and Women’s
Loadable Steel Husafell(175lbs and 245lbs empty weight)
Three 2″ Apollon’s Axles
12 Kegs from 90lbs – 300lbs
1 Loadable Keg
Two Fire hydrants for odd object carries3
Circus dumbbells (loadable) 50lbs, 70lbs,135lbs empty weight
Two loadable heavy duty Yokes (325 and 160empty weight)
Loadable Steel 375lbs Frame carry4 sand bags (loadable) from 125lbs – 280lbsTires: 270lbs, 380lbs, 425lbs, 525lbs, 650lbs,750lbs, 1000lbs
3 Ironmind truck pull harnesses
Fingals Finger
8 Tractor Tires from 280lbs -1000lbs

Conveniently Located At

8502-B Tyco Rd
Vienna, VA 22182

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