D.C. stands for Doctor of Chiropractic.
But, after the name and D.C., look for one of the two Sports Chiropractic Certification designated levels:

1) CCSP®- Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician – has completed a minimum of 100 hours in post doctoral sports medicine training and passed a written national board exam.

2) DACBSP®- Diplomate of the American Board of Sports Physicians – is the highest level of achievement. More than 300 class hours, more than 100 hours of field experience, passing written and practical national board exams and publishing a research paper in the field of sports medicine are required for this level.

While any doctor can treat athletes, knowing how to determine who has the specialized knowledge in specific sports injuries will help you choose wisely.

Always look for the DACBSP® or CCSP® credential after the doctor’s name.