Quick story…

TP member walks in this morning.

TP Member: “Bro, did you see the fights last night”

Ken: “Yeah man, best fight card I’ve seen in awhile!”

TP Member: “I know right! I was upset at the Demetrius Johnson decision, but there will be a rematch for sure… Hey real quick, I need to work on my flexibility and mobility man. Any suggestions?”

Ken: “Of course.. Which one do you want to attack first? Your flexibility or mobility?”

TP Member: “What do you mean? I thought they were the same.”

Ken: “No sir… step into my office.”

This got me thinking about you guys.
How many of you know that there is a difference between flexibility and mobility?
How many of you know WHEN to do your flexibility and mobility training?” Without getting all Dr. Anne on you… here are the cliff notes version… Flexibility is passive….mobility is active… flexibility is the length of a muscle… mobility is how a joint moves (mobility). Being flexible means the muscles and joints are stretchy and pliable..
Mobility is having strength within your flexibility Perfect example of this with the squat… A very flexible person may be able to get all the way down into a full bodyweight squat, but once you give them a barbell or kettlebell, they may not have the strength, core strength, balance, or coordination to perform the same motion. But someone with poor mobility may be able to complete a partial rep of the same weighted squat but does not have the range of motion necessary to get all the way down.

Both Flexibility and mobility are important.

The biggest difference between mobility and flexibility is that in order to move a muscle through its range of motion with control (mobility), you need strength. People who do yoga are usually flexible. Gymnasts are usually flexible and mobile. Notice a difference in their body types? Bottom line… Strength is never a weakness. Ok smarty pants….so what now? When do I do flexibility training and when do I do mobility? Flexibility training is ALWAYS performed AFTER we workout. So if you are doing all that static stretching stuff before you take a class… you aren’t being productive. Mobility training is the perfect warm-up.. Which is why we do it. 🙂 Mobility is essential to our overall quality of life, especially as we get older. As coaches, we always say that our #1 goal is to make sure that you move well. That is the key to life. If your body isn’t moving through its natural, functional movement patterns, you’re setting yourself up for an injury.
There ya go. Carpe Diem!