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Well-chosen team building events can be game-changers for any organization; Tysons Playground Corporate Field Days offer a unique team bonding experience with health and wellness as a priority. Our focus on Movement, Connection & Collaboration allows for increased awareness of the self and of others to achieve, exceed, grow and compete as part of a team & individually.


Physical activity is proven to improve mood, boost creativity, and improve sleep. With health & wellness at the forefront, great teams become greater and strong groups collectively become stronger giving your teams competitive edge to dominate in the workplace.


Corporate Field Days allow for teammates to authentically connect with one another. Strong connections are made and productivity is increased when employees are encouraged to participate in activities that are good for their health.


Successful collaboration between teammates are improved by participating in team building events. When fitness and wellness become part of a company’s culture the long term positive effects benefit both the company and its employees.


• Organizations of all sizes

• Company outings & team building activities

• New or established businesses looking to improve work place environment

• Company retreats & conferences

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