Tysons Playground… A fascinating story about how the facility was born!

Back in 2011, I was running a couple of restaurants and a meal delivery service and I was burnt out.  My younger brother Kye was playing Professional football and during his off-season one year, he decided to move in with me so that he could train without interruption.

Well, the training needs of a pro football player are a bit different than your average gym-goer.  So we needed to find him a real training facility.  Little did we know that less than two miles from us was a Sports training facility with way more than enough open space and fantastic equipment.   They agreed to let us train there and during that time, I realized how much that I  wanted to get back to training people.  I was a personal trainer and fitness manager for several years right after college and before I got in the restaurant industry.  I just remember how happy I was at that time and working in the restaurant industry, I was miserable.

So I approached the owners of the facility to ask if I could start a bootcamp business there in the mornings.  They agreed and Breakfast Bootcamp was born!  We were doing very well subleasing from them and our business was growing.  But then…..boom! The company went out of business and I was left scrambling.  The building was gutted completely and I had to make a decision as to what we were going to do.  We could just let our Just bootcamp and training business go away or try and rebuild the place back up from nothing!

I chose the latter and with the help of our extrodinary clients, we built Tysons Playground from the ground up.  In order to not repeat the mistakes from the previous company, I knew that we had to diversify our training and offerings in order to make the building a success.

R&D Baseball was the first group I approached.  I remembered Rob and Dan from the previous business.  They ran an outstanding baseball pitching program.  After we were up and running for a few months months, I approached them about having their Baseball program in Tysons Playground. They agreed and they brought their program in.  Then I reached out to Eric Crozier.  Eric was a former MLB player who was a baseball hitting coach with a stellar reputation for dealing with young athletes.  Eric agreed to come onboard with his program.  Shortly thereafter, I reached out to Leonard Stephens who was a college friend of mine.  Leonard’s company, Perfect Performance, also happened to train my brother right before he went to play pro football.  They agreed to come in and be the Sports Performance arm of Tysons Playground.  We now had a successful model with very successful coaches in their respective fields.  I have to also thank the local baseball little leagues (Mclean and Vienna specifically)  for supporting our facility on such a high level.  If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to grow and expand the way we have.

Since those humble beginnings, we have grown to a brand new facility with over 25,000 sq ft of training heaven!   We also have created strategic partnerships with Adrenaline Dance, Agoge Rehab, The Edge Strongman, NOVA Soccer academy and several other outstanding businesses to provide more programs and training to our facility.  It is these partnerships that will aid us in achieving our goal of being the number 1 training facility in Virgina!  Feeling very blessed!